• Welcome from Sonning Parish Council
  • A lovely part of the Thames
  • With magnificent old buildings
  • and green fields
  • home to an historic church
  • a very old watering hole
  • with scenes reminiscent of 3 Men in a Boat
  • and a nature reserve
  • and concern for the environment

News & Announcements

Unexpected Changes At Sonning PC
July 2015

The Parish Council were sorry to receive the unexpected resignation of their Chairman, Councillor Pat Doyle, in early June. Pat had served on the Council since being co-opted in February 2007 when he immediately took over the role of Chairman of the Planning Committee. Pat had previously dealt with planning while Chairman of the Sonning and Sonning Eye Society’s Planning and Traffic Panel and brought his expertise to the Parish Council. Over the years Pat became even more knowledgeable in planning matters and continued as Planning Chairman after he became Chairman of the Council in February 20013. The Council would like to express their thanks to Pat for his huge contribution to the Council and the community and to say how sorry they are that he is no longer a member of the Council. As a sign of their appreciation, Councillors made a point of including a vote of thanks in the minutes of their meeting on 14 July 20015. The Council would like to wish Pat all the best.

New Chairman of The Council

The Council are pleased to announce that Tony Farnese was elected, unopposed, to the role of Chairman of the Council at the Council meeting held on 14 July 2015. Cllr Farnese, who has been a member of the Council since he was co-opted in April 2005, said that he would be pleased to take on the role but regretted the resignation of Mr Doyle.

Casual Vacancies

Due to the resignation of Pat Doyle the Council now has two vacancies. If you would like to get involved in local matters that affect you as a Sonning resident, and have a few hours to spare then you can be sure of a warm welcome as a co-opted member of Sonning Parish Council. Please ring the Clerk Lesley Bates (01189697753) if you would like to hear more or browse the Council web site to find out about the activities of your local Council.

Archives of previous front page news can be found on the News Archive page


The civil parish of Sonning lies within the Borough of Wokingham. Responsibilities are split between the two councils, with the Parish Council looking after local interests. The chairman of the Parish Council is Tony Farnese. Mike Haines is the Borough Councillor for Sonning and Warren, and Theresa May is the local Member of Parliament.

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Committees & Working Groups - Agendas and Minutes of Council and Planning Meetings as well as details about the other working groups.
Planning Matters - How the planning guidance functions, Conservation Area Assessment and the Sonning Design Guide.
News - archives of the SPC Newsletter and the front page stories from this website.
Council Amenities - the other projects the Parish Council looks after, from allotments and the playground to the Local Nature Reserve. There is also a Fault Reporting form.
Sonning Village - the history and facilities within the village and the local societies.
Sonning Leisure - information about local sports facilities and other organisations and community groups.
Village Events - details about the annual and bi-annual community occurences such as the Sonning Regatta & Scarecrows and the Sonning Show.

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