Sonning Village Events

There is a great variety of annual and bi-annual events that take place within the village.

The Sonning Festival, with its regatta and scarecrow trail, occurs every other year. The next time will be during the summer of 2016.

Most other events are annual.


Date / Time Event Location
Spring 2015 Sonning Village Clean Up The Pavillion, King George V Field
May 2016 (12pm-6pm) Sonning Regatta The River Thames, West of Sonning Lock
May 2016 (11am-5pm) Sonning Scarecrows Sonning Village
13th June 2015 RNLI Fundraiser variable
May 2016 (7pm-11pm) The Elegant Picnic variable
September 2015 (11am-5pm) The Sonning Show Sonning Primary School, Liguge Way

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