• Welcome from Sonning Parish Council
  • A lovely part of the Thames
  • With magnificent old buildings
  • and green fields
  • home to an historic church
  • a very old watering hole
  • with scenes reminiscent of 3 Men in a Boat
  • and a nature reserve
  • and concern for the environment

News & Announcements

Annual Parish Meeting
Tuesday 25th May 2021

The annual meeting of Sonning Parish Council will be held this coming Tuesday following the earlier annual Parish meeting, at approximately 8.30pm. Due to the uncertainty about Covid variants it will be held this year via Skype. This meeting is open to the public and you should contact the Clerk with your email and/or Skype name by midday on Monday if you would like an invitation.

The SPC Annual Reports are available to view: here .

Sonning Neighbourhood Plan
Spring Questionnaire 2021

We've received responses from over half the homes in the Parish! Currently a total of 354 completed questionnaires.

We'd sincerely like to thank all of you who have taken time to read and complete our rather long but worthwhile survey. And if there are any of our residents who still have to get their form to us then please don't delay - it's not too late but please do it soon.

You can discover more information about the Plan and the results of our survey (once they've been determined) can be found here: Sonning Neighbourhood Plan

After many months of development we now have a questionnaire that will be delivered to all Sonning residents before the end of April. It's good timing since it coincides with the easing of lockdown and our distribution team will be able to deliver it by hand and, if the opportunity arises, have a chat with people about how important this is to the future of our Parish and why we really need every resident aged 16+ years to complete a questionaire.

Community Help

Sonning Support, is the new name for what was the Sonning Covid-19 Community Support Group, originally set up by the Sonning Parish Council in March 2020. They are an independant, informal group of local volunteers who joined together to provide help and support to those people who need it during these unprecedented times. If you need help in collecting a prescription from the chemist, buying food from the shops, walking a dog or other errands then do get in touch - click on the link above to contact them.

Volunteers do not expect payment for their time - the beneficiary is only expected to pay the cost of their shopping, prescriptions or other such expenses that they would cover normally.

If you have any concerns or queries please contact Trefor Fisher via email to trefor.fisher@sonning-pc.gov.uk or 07789 880072.

Covid-19 Useful Links

From WBC & the NHS.... Covid-19 - Advice for Residents

from the Government.... Covid-19 - Overall Situation

Road Safety Report - June 2020

Councillor Trefor Fisher has published the latest report from the Highways Working Group. It can be read here: Road Safety Report

A Neighbourhood Plan for Sonning

Sonning Parish Council together with the Sonning & Sonning Eye Society would like to thank everyone who came to this important meeting in February. Pearson Hall was packed and we apologise to those of you who had to stand.

Information about the Neighbourhood Development Plan and the presentation that was given is available on Sonning.info. You can sign up to be kept informed about how the Plan is progressing and, hopefully, join the team.

We Want To Keep You Informed

We would like to keep you better informed about what is happening in our parish. We’d like to be able to email you when something important occurs.

Please sign up to our mailing list. We promise that your mailbox will not be overloaded - you will not receive more than one email a month from us and you can opt out at any time.

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Sonning Parish Council values your privacy and has a duty to ensure the security of personal data. We make sure that your information is protected from unauthorised access, loss, manipulation, falsification, destruction or unauthorised disclosure. This is done through appropriate technical measures and appropriate policies. Copies of these policies can be downloaded from our Policies and Procedures page.

We will only keep your data for the purpose it was collected for and only for as long as is necessary. After which it will be deleted. (You many request the deletion of your data held by Sonning Parish Council)at any time).

Archives of previous front page news can be found on the News Archive page


The civil parish of Sonning lies within the Borough of Wokingham (WBC). Responsibilities are split between the two councils, with the Parish Council looking after local interests. The chairman of the Parish Council is Tony Farnese. Michael Firmager is the Borough Councillor for Sonning and Warren, and Theresa May is currently the local Member of Parliament.

Our website is divided into two sections - one with information pertaining to The Council and the other for Sonning Village matters. Under each main heading in the menu you'll find various sub-headings to help you navigate around the site quickly:
About the Council - Aims & Objectives, The Councillors, Policies &Procedures, Reports.
Committees & Working Groups - Agendas and Minutes of Council and Planning Meetings as well as details about the other working groups.
Planning Matters - How the planning guidance functions, Conservation Area Assessment and the Sonning Design Guide.
News - archives of the SPC Newsletter and the front page stories from this website.
Council Amenities - the other projects the Parish Council looks after, from allotments and the playground to the Local Nature Reserve. There is also a Fault Reporting form.
Sonning Village - the history and facilities within the village and the local societies.
Sonning Leisure - information about local sports facilities and other organisations and community groups.
Village Events - details about the annual and bi-annual community occurences such as the Sonning Regatta & Scarecrows and the Sonning Show.

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